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The baby bodysuit, the essential in baby's wardrobe

As soon as you prepare your maternity suitcase, you will have to buy bodies for your unborn baby. The baby body is the essential underwear in the dressing room of your treasure until about 36 months of age. It keeps your baby's nappy securely in place throughout the day and at night. Also, it will keep your little one's tummy warm thanks to its crotch pressures. On average, your child will change a bodysuit at least once a day, which is why it is more practical and more advantageous for you to buy them directly in a set. You'll find fun, cute or plain-coloured designs to match any of your child's outfits. You will be able to choose between long-sleeved, short-sleeved or strappy bodies depending on the weather.

All our bodies are made with love in pure cotton. Hypoallergenic, they will remain respectful of your baby's fragile skin and avoid the risk of irritation.

If it's for a birth, Christmas or birthday present, you'll love our single bodysuits with funny phrases or trendy patterns.

For the birth and the first three months of your baby's life, we advise you to choose a birth bodysuit with a cross opening on the front. Why should you choose a birth bodysuit with a cross opening at the front? Because this type of opening allows you to put it on and take it off easily without handling baby too much. Has he grown? From the age of 4 months, when baby is perfectly holding his head, it will be easier for you to dress him lying on his stomach. In this case, we invite you to choose bodies with American armholes that are put on by the head and close by pressure at the crotch.

Need more details? Find all our advice on choosing a baby body or baby pyjamas in the frequently asked questions.

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