My little star

Baby bed linen « My little star »

Baby’s room decoration star theme, grey and white

Here's a nice idea to decorate your baby's room on the star theme, to make your baby's eyes full of it. Surrounded by all these stars, your child will spend beautiful, sparkling and restful nights. The star represents the dream, the magic, the sparks in the eyes. And for even more softness and tenderness, we choose a very soft velvet baby bed linen such as the cot bumper ( or the sleeping bag. ( To protect your bedding and respect your baby’s skin, adopt a pure cotton baby bed sheet ( and a baby bedspread. (
This gentle universe will be ideal to relax baby before bedtime and very much appreciated by newborn parents. Indeed, you will find a special high position cot bumper to adapt to the height of the crib base. This little extra is very practical the first few months of your toddler's life to put it down or take it with delicacy without hurting your back.


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Showing 1 - 18 of 18 items