Mid-season sleeping bag

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Showing 1 - 22 of 22 items

A sleeping bag that will suit the four seasons

The sleeping bag is the indispensable part of your baby's bed linen, which allows you to cover your child all night or during a nap without risk of choking. It will be as soft as a duvet. Discover our selection of velvet, cotton poplin or thick cotton sleeping bags that will fit all year round and adapt to the four seasons. From birth to 24 months, find our baby sleeping bags from 90 to 110 cm. They will be comfortable, soft and warm enough to keep baby warm throughout his sleep. Its "sleeping bag" shape keeps the baby's whole body warm, leaving its arms free for better heat regulation and optimal comfort. Discover our buying guide to make sure you are not mistaken when choosing your baby's sleeping bag.

Soft, bright or neutral colours for everyone's pleasure. Snap for our varied and harmonious themes. For a trendy baby girl's room, discover the harmony of yellow and grey or pastel pink. For the decoration of a baby boy's room, discover some notes of turquoise blue very summer. If you want a more neutral decoration, for girls and boys, opt for the timeless grey and white very modern and reassuring at the same time.