Baby Girl Collection

Baby girl bed linen

A soft and warm baby girl room

You are between the fourth and fifth month of pregnancy, you have just had the ultrasound that tells you the sex of baby. You just left your gynaecologist or the midwife who told you the good news, it's a girl! It will now be necessary to begin to prepare his arrival gently by starting with the decoration of his room. This room that was planned for her from the empty and lifeless beginning will soon be full of life and joy. During the first months of life, your child will sleep a lot, so you will need a comfortable and cozy bed. For this, Kinousses offers you ever more thoughtful, functional and cosy themes for the well-being of your little wonder. Our baby bed sets can be adapted to baby beds measuring 70x140 cm and/or 60x120 cm thanks to a gusset system. You can already crack without even having chosen the cot. To make your baby's room look like a decor magazine, discover all our worlds with baby accessories matching the bed linen, such as baby's cuddly toy. Whether you live on an island, North or South, West or East, you will have the choice to choose a baby bed linen in a warm or more or less light material.