Baby boys

You will find in this category all you need for your baby boy : Baby sleepsuits, baby sleeping bags, baby nest, baby all-in-one, baby bodysuits, baby bed linen ...

Baby boy bed linen

A pretty and modern baby boy room

It's time to get ready for the baby room who's coming soon. Don't know where to start? Once you have chosen the furniture such as the cot, changing chest, shelves, storage blocks... It will be easier for you to project yourself into his future room. Please note that all our bumper cots are adaptable and suitable for baby beds 60x120 cm and 70x140 cm. Once the question of the dimension is settled, think about the environment that you want to transmit to your baby if you want a soft and relaxing universe or rather a vitaminized and joyful one... In this case, Kinousses offers you different collections to satisfy all your desires. If his future room is small then we advise you to choose light and pastel colors that will enlarge the room. In case the baby's room is large, then opt for a few notes of blue, orange or yellow a little more flashy that will bring relief and character to this large volume. To finalize the decoration of the room and to make it harmonious, we propose you always more complete collections. Find its set of bed linen baby matched with accessories of bed like the ruffled pockets, with the developmental toys to amuse baby during the day. And to soothe his sleep, make your own musical mobile that will rock him before long and peaceful dodos.