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Showing 1 - 29 of 105 items

Baby sleepsuits

Babies from 0 to 24 months – babies girls, boys and unisex

Kinousses offer you more than 100 styles of cheap baby girls and boys sleepsuits. Baby sleepsuit is the greatest outfit for your baby during the day as well as at night. Indeed, especially during his first 6 months, the baby sleepsuit which open on the front or behind with snaps will allows you to change easily and quickly your baby. Baby sleepsuit bring happiness also to the parents because it is usually made with soft velvet or with hypoallergenic cotton, which allows the baby to feel comfortable not only for sleep but also for move freely.

Discover our selection of baby sleepsuits with opening on the front or behind, in soft velvet or in cotton, for baby girl, baby boy or unisex!