How do I create my birth list at Kinousses? 

For this, nothing could be simpler: Go to your Kinousses customer account and click on  "my wish lists" as below :

Then, create a new list and give it the name of your choice as "baby's birth list", "Lola's birthday gift list" etc... then click on "save".

At the same time, you will automatically receive a confirmation in your mailbox (at the email address given on informing you that your list has been created with the link to be sent to your friends and family, which they can click on to access your list directly at any time.

PS: Your relatives do not need to have a Kinousses customer account to be able to consult the list you have sent them.

All you have to do is add the products of your choice to this list by navigating through the different categories of the site.

Once you are on the page detailing the desired product :

Step 1: Select a size among the available ones.

Step 2: Choose the number of copies desired.

Step 3: In the drop-down menu below the "add to cart" button: select the name of the list you have just created then click on "add to my gift list" as in the example below.

After each new product added to your list, a small message will appear on the screen to confirm that this product has been added to the rest of your list as shown below: 

Here is what your birth list will look like when you have added all the desired products:  

Your list is not definitive and you can modify it at any time by deleting or adding items to it. You will also be able to update this list according to the participations of your relatives by indicating that such or such product has been offered by "Mr and Mrs X" etc...

To do this, go to your customer area and then to the "my wishlists" section.

Display the details of the concerned list by clicking on the "display" button on the corresponding line as below :

  • To remove a product from your list: click on the small cross to the right of the product title.

  • To highlight a product as having priority over others: select "High" instead of "Medium" as the priority scale. By default: all the products in your list will have a "Medium" priority. Don't forget to save your changes.

  • To send your list to your friends and family via the site: click on the "send this list" button below the permanent link of your list (link in the form of a URL). From then on, a set of free boxes will appear below your list of articles as below. Fill in the emails of the relatives to whom you want us to send this list and then finish this action by clicking on the bottom button "Send". You will be able to fill in a maximum of 10 emails.