Delivery and Returns

  ARTICLE 10: Returns and refunds


Article 10.1: Satisfaction guarantee
The items purchased via the website may be exchanged or refunded in the absence of any mention to the contrary.
A guarantee is extended to the Visitor enabling him to send back any defective items with which he is not fully satisfied.

Article 10.2: Procedure for returns 

Only by post to the following address (postal charges are payable by the Visitor):


Les Kinousses

Service Retour

59, route du bief du moulin

73470 Novalaise


Article 10.3: Returns, exchanges and refunds

The Visitor may return the products or items orders within the period stated below, subject to any other terms and conditions set out in this Article.
Returning goods by post entitles the Visitor to a refund or an exchange in accordance with the KINOUSSES General Terms and Conditions of Sale. 
Exchange : If the new product chosen is less expensive, the price difference will be refunded directly to the Visitor. 
Beyond the legal cooling-off period of 30 days, the Visitor cannot ask any more for an exchange or a refund of any products or items ordered via the website. 

In all events, products returned must be accompanied by a return slip filled in as appropriate. 
Furthermore, KINOUSSES may refuse any product or item returned in different or damaged packaging or in a condition other than its original condition where no express comments or reservations have been entered by the Visitor on the delivery slip and no claim has been lodged within 30 days.
If a product or item is returned by the Visitor, a confirmation e-mail will be sent to him to inform him that the return is being processed by KINOUSSES.

Whichever method of return is used, only the price of the product will be refunded, shipping costs are your responsibility. Refunds will be issued by bank transfer and shall take place within 30 days of KINOUSSES having received the products returned. An e-mail will be sent to the Visitor to inform them of the refund.
KINOUSSES can also propose a credit note which will be deducted from the amount of the next visitor’s order.